Private Events

Power Lunches to Polish Your Communication 

During these "mini masterminds," you can enjoy a workshop session with Megan during the lunch hour of your day!


Covering an array of topics, these Power Lunch workshops provide actionable information that equips you with the tools needed to improve your communication style. 

Topics  Include: 

“How To Brag, Without Sounding Like It” 
“Say This, Not That – Interview Bootcamp”

Mastermind Sessions With Powerful Women

During private, Group Coaching and Mastermind Sessions, you are invited to intimate meetings with other leaders at the top of their game. These highly engaging sessions are attended by dynamic leaders across multiple industries, allowing for transformative conversations designed to

optimize your career performance


Private Masterminds are by invitation only, but you are encouraged to inquire to learn more about the sessions when attending the Power Lunches.