How To Brag (Without Sounding Like It)

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Far too often I meet women that are on top of their game and crushing it in their respective field of work, but they struggle with communicating just how fierce and fabulous they are.

How can you expect someone to invest in something you won’t show off ?! 

It's Time to learn the art of bragging.

The key to bragging (without sounding like it) is to shift your focus from the laundry list of things you've done to the impact you've had, what unique strengths you bring to the table - in other words, focus on communicating your Added Value.

This is how it's done...


You are communicating added value if you are describing how you:

  1. Developed a creative or innovative solution. (Translation - you are someone that can create or discover something new).

  2. Increased revenue or reduced costs. (Translation  - you help drive revenue or reduce costs).

  3. Posses exceptional leadership dynamics. (Translation - you have an exceptional ability to manage key stakeholders and build relationships that drive business).

If your conversation isn't focused on at least one of these elements you are likely off base and should shift your focus.


When summarizing your relevant professional work experience don't just settle for telling them where you worked or listing your title. Use active verbs that more specifically describe what you led, changed, managed, or developed.


Whether your impact can was qualitative or quantitative, do your best to provide context by quantifying your influence. If you work in a field in which numbers matter make a point to summarize how many dollars were saved or generated, or what percentage change resulted from your work. If your work is more qualitative, focus on quantifying how the dynamics shifted as a result of your influence.


"I really enjoyed my time working at Amazon as the Senior Marketing Manager where I developed a new CRM to help us better understand the buying behavior of millennial women which has driven an additional $60 million in revenue this quarter and really energized our team. "


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